Bridal Dressing

We offer you the best solutions for bridal dressings with our professionalism and the years of experience in the bridal beauty care industry. We are committed to offer you a superior service in all Kandyan, Indian and western bridals. We use the best quality products in doing all your make-ups and hair because we value our clients’ satisfaction above all. Your ideas are greatly valued by us. You are more than welcomed to discuss them with us. We help you select the best that suits you. Whether you need a more natural look or a heavy make-up, we are happy to do it for you. We want everything to be impeccable on your dream day. That’s why; we offer you a hair and make-up trial to give you that extra peace of mind ahead of your wedding day.


A Kandyan bride represents Sri Lankan identity and tradition. Brides in Sri Lanka choose to wear in Kandyan style both on the wedding day and the day of home coming. Kandyan bridal sarees come in a variety of colours, fabrics, designs and work. A set of Kandyan jewellery also helps enhance the beauty of the bride. Other than traditional Kandyan dressing, modern Kandyan is also largely popular since recent times. The design of the saree jacket, the selection of jewellery and flower bouquet, hairstyle and make-up can be done in a way to make a bride fashionably beautiful on her wedding day.


Indian Bridal dressing is another popular bridal dressing in Sri Lanka. Most of the brides who choose Indian style decide to wear a veil while some others opt not to wear it. The most commonly used colours for bridal sarees are white, off-white, ivory and gold. Selecting a colour and fabric that match with your complexion and figure is very important to look at your best at the wedding. We, at we are specialized do the perfect bridal drapery with flawless make-up and hair to make you a gorgeous bride.


Western bridal attire is another type of bridal dressing used commonly by in Sri Lanka. We design your bridal gown to grace the occasion as you start your new life. Veil and jewellery and accessories form a vital part of a western bride adding more glamour to her. Western brides in Sri Lanka are largely inspired by latest fashions and trends in the international bridal industry. Whether you need a rich elegant look or a stylishly simple appearance, we can do it for you. Our team of professional stylists will make you look like a princess with stunning hair and make-up.