Hair and Beauty Salon

Skin is given much prominence in the overall beauty of a bride. Yet, it is one of the things that face many problems. Acne, sun damages, wrinkles, dark spots and scars are just a few to name. Everyone’s skin is different. That’s why we offer you treatments to whatever the issues you have with your skin. Our Facials, clean ups, anti-acne treatments and other special treatments help you get a fresh and radiant skin. We are more than happy to provide you with necessary advices and tips to take care of your skin at home. If you are looking for ways to keep your skin soft, supple and glowing, come to us and feel the difference!

Hair and Beauty Care

Worried about your hair as you are getting ready for your big day? You don’t have to worry about it anymore! We, at we have special treatments to make your hair healthy and luscious! We highly recommend every bride to take care of their hair as beauty of a bride is greatly enhanced by healthy hair. Our team of professionals will guide you through to get healthy, balanced and stunningly beautiful hair within a short period of time. To bring out the best in you, we offer you a wide range of hair care solutions and hair fashions including conditioning and oil treatments, colourings and highlights, relaxing, straightening, re-bonding, perms and many more at reasonable prices!

Nail Bar

Want nails that turn heads? We have the perfect solution for that! Nails are often forgotten by many and not given much attention. But healthy and well-maintained nails are an essential element of personal grooming as well as in one’s beauty. We help you get shiny and rosy nails with our manicures and pedicures. And if you want sparkly nails, here we are with our exquisite nail arts! We do artificial nail enhancements such as nail extensions, acrylic and gel nails to give you a glossy and natural look! Most importantly, we make sure your nails are handled with extreme care.